Allie Kaye’s Portfolio

This portfolio consists of a culmination of my best work in a variety of media platforms. You will find pieces in the form of Writing, Graphic Design, Studio Art, Photography, and Three Dimensional Art.  I have also provided links to both my class blog homepage and an HTML website I constructed.


San Francisco Tourism Website- This HTML coded website was constructed for my SMAD 202 class, Fundamental Skills in Media Arts & Design.  The objective of this project was to create a multipage site hand-coded using HTML and CSS. I designed a thumbnail of each page in photoshop and then linked each page to its name in the navigation bar featured on every page. I also created a “maps” page featuring interactive links to online maps throughout the city.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.53.15 AM

Social Media & The Non-Profit Industry Blog Homepage- The Blog that you are in right now is actually an ongoing project for my SMAD 242 class, Introduction to Advertising and Corporate Communication. The objective of this project is to create an online research and current events blog based on Social Media usage by a particular industry- in this case I chose the Non-Profit industry. I’ve always taken a particular interest in Non-profit organizations, but I am becoming more and more intrigued in this industry the more that I research it.


“Potty Mouth” Writing Sample- Last semester, I was one of 8 students chosen to write for “Potty Mouth”, a semi-monthly publication posted in bathroom stalls across campus in order to amplify student interest in living a healthy lifestyle. Here is one of 14 “blurbs” I had published as well as a tweet we released to publicize each blurb. I found this was an extremely creative and interesting way to reach students on campus rather than expecting them to read the campus newspaper each week. Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.36.34 PM

Lifestyle Blog Writing Sample- This sample was written as an application submission for The Odyssey, an online social content platform that featured articles written by college students in local communities. I completed this piece after interning at South Jersey Magazine this past summer.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 5.22.30 PM

Graphic Design

CD Cover Project– This is a project I completed for my SMAD 201 class, Fundamental Skills in Media Arts and Design. This page folds in half, showing both the cover and inside cover detail. I used Photoshop to separate the artist’s photo from the black ground space it was originally on. Then I placed in the galaxy ground featured below. I also created the “Florence” font with the addition of geometric shapes that I added. CD Cover Project

Footlink Logo- This is a logo I built in both Illustrator and Photoshop for an up and coming soccer recruiting company. I worked through the stages of development with my client, changing the design to fit both his needs and the needs of the company.


And an app design to match.

Finalsquarefootlink .png

Pre-Professional Health Advising Icon Set- This is a client based project completed for my SMAD 332 class. Using illustrator, we constructed an icon set for Jmu’s Pre-Professional Health Advising ProgramScreen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.57.13 AM.png

Studio Art

“Scenes As You See Them”-Medium: Ink, Objective: For this project we were asked to draw and ink the contents of a table using black and white values only.

“Badges of Pride”- Medium: Acrylic Paint, Objective: This piece was done for personal enjoyment. The canvas was about 3ft x 2ft. I haven’t been able to work with paint as much in my classes but it is by far my favorite medium.

“Metal Movement”– Medium:Ink, Objective: This project was a three piece series in which we were asked to use multiple drawing techniques to capture both the physical appearance as well as the object’s movement.

“The Carrier”- Medium: Charcoal, Objective: To capture the essence of the model we observed in under 10 minutes time. I really loved this piece because I felt it really exemplified the feeling of struggle and having to carry things that you may not always be able to handle. IMG_9908

“Time Out”- Medium: Collage, Objective: to create an abstract collage with a basic underlying theme. I chose “time” as my theme and used photography, magazine clippings and different values to create the feeling of a progression in time.


I love photography- I always have. Thus far, I have only experimented with photography for my personal enjoyment but would love to incorporate it into my future endeavors. IMG_5648

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b2 preset



Physical Art  

Over the Spring 2015 semester, I was elected Head Props Chair for my organization’s “Greek Sing” production (a large scale show contest in which the winner receives money to be given to their charity of choice). I constructed the following props as well as oversaw a committee of at least 100 girls to make the entire set.

Dinosaur Head- I was asked to make large dinosaur skull that could be moved through the performance. Using cardboard, paper mache and acrylic paint, I was able to create a mobile, two-piece dinosaur head that could open and close its jaw to resemble a “bite”.


Letter Bones– Made of foam board and acrylic paint, each around 4 ft in height


Backdrop- (2/5 boards that were painted) For the set backdrop, I was asked to paint a scene resembling prehistoric times. I used a modern interpretation of this to paint our most popular building on campus with a “prehistoric” twist. I also incorporated the mountains that surround campus.


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